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I picked the specific lightbulb in the UCC logo because if you look at the filament in the bulb, it's a sprout of a plant. The reasoning I had behind this lightbulb was that UCC first and foremost emphasizes a growth in knowledge for students(i.e. the growing sprout). Whether tha’ts growth in problem solving like a consultant, growth in discovering consulting as a profession, growth in giving back to the community in MCG, etc. UCC tries to help students grow. - UCC Alumni and Past President Ella McClarnon

What is Consulting?

Consulting is the business of a specialist giving advice to other professionals. This means, whatever your major you can become a consultant. The advice you give usually comes in the form of projects based on knowledge you are spending four years to learn now. If you are analytically curious, team-oriented, or self-confident, consulting could be for you!


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Our Mission

UCC strives to provide students with the necessary resources to navigate the hiring process and developing skills in order to be successful in the field of consulting.